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"Will Natalie Portman Play Amanda Knox In Proposed Movie?"
October 14, 2011 - Well I usually don't do this. Get involved with movie hype concerning Amanda Knox, and particularly since the TV movie on Lifetime about the case did not go well with me- I figured I never would. However this flash from the net did get my attention only because Verdi productions mentioned that if Amanda sold them "life rights" to do the film they would offer Natalie Portman a 7 digit figure to play the lead. The offer for the life rights was reported at $1M by Chad Verdi of Verdi Productions and the offer was said to be official and that Verdi was discussing it with Amanda's American lawyer Theo Simon.

Now with that said, and I am certainly not giving anything away as this is already news- although, early news, I have to say that the only reason I am bringing this up at all is because I love Natalie Portman and I think she would be an outstanding choice to play Amanda in a movie about the case. Actually, that is my only reason : ) I mean I think you would have to have been living on another planet not to know there was a movie and at least one book coming. And Amanda being a writer, there will probably be several books by her in the near future. Who other than Amanda can tell this story.

Now I do want to point out something here before I get jumped. I am in no way saying this is a great idea- I mean about this particular project. I do not know who Verdi productions is. They say they have not picked a director yet- well I think that is important. And for them to say they are going to offer Natalie Portman a 7 digit figure- does not mean that is a done deal. I am wondering- what does Natalie Portman say about this? Have they even confronted her on the subject? And about that 7 digit figure- would the first digit be a 1 or a 9, yeah, makes a lot of difference. Also to offer Amanda $1M for the life rights is not an awesome amount of money considering the appeal of the story and the potential money to be made off of it. I think a lot of people would duplicate that offer and some even increase it.

Now again- with that said- I do believe that Verdi productions is on the level for several reasons. First- when a story like this is mostly in the public domain- no one has to pay you anything for the life rights- that is usually offered because they want the cooperation of Amanda and for her to give inside information about the story. In other words they want it from her point of view and I see that as a good thing.

Now I want to say something here so people are not confused. Remember the Lifetime movie that was made with Hayden playing the lead. Well that movie was made without buying life rights- they just simply went ahead and did it without payment to Amanda at all- Why? Because they could. The facts of the story are in the public domain and they went by the record- which really does not say much because the record does not give an accurate story in this case. But if you want inside info (something that is not in the public domain) then you need to secure rights- in this case called 'life rights' in order to put it out there. But all that aside- I was just thinking- Wow- Natalie Portman.

If it were me I would say ok- Natalie Portman is good and we'll take the 1M after you sign her up and guarantee that she will play the lead. And if she later decides not to, or dies, or whatever- we still get the 1M and Chad is out the bucks, as no second lead/ choice would hold. It would be Natalie Portman or nobody. Sounds good to me. But then again, no one asked my opinion and it is certainly none of my business. I was just exercising my first amendment rights and dreaming about Natalie Portman.

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