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The Charlies 2010

Postby Dazza » Wed Feb 02, 2011 4:15 pm

Okay, it's about time for the second annual nat fans poll of the year that was 2010. The categories last year were...

Best Magazine Photo
Most Memorable Candid Appearance
Most Memorable Public Appearance
Best Wallpaper
Best Fanart
Best NP.COMic
Best TV/Internet Appearance
Dating Rumour You Most Wish Was True
Dating Rumour You Most Wish Was False
Favourite Nat Film Of The Year
Most Anticipated 2010 Film
Rumoured Project You Most Hope Gets Made
Best News Of The Year
Worst News Of The Year
Yearly Rating

Best Film can go since there was only one film this year. The dating categories will fall away as well. Rumoured project, I think I'll change to Rumoured Project You Most Wish Had Been True.

Any other category suggestions?
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