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Postby Extreme Allah » Wed Dec 10, 2008 12:33 am

PERFECTaNATomy wrote:Mine would be greed probably.. but not to try to impress people with wealth.. just like an obsessive compulsion for things.. or knowledge.. or women.. or whatever I am passionate about.. actually.. that's probably more gluttony isn't it.. haha Actually.. when you think about it all the sins are about gluttony, aren't they?

Logical self-interest is a good thing, as long as you think it through.
euphoriac wrote:I have been strikingly attracted to natalie since I saw Leon.
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Postby Kazuya » Wed Dec 10, 2008 10:30 am

Extreme Allah wrote:A lot of "smart" people feel this way. I was one of them for a long time. But then what? What does that really do? You get a little smug satisfaction?
Even if it does satisfy me: So what?

Extreme Allah wrote:Is that honestly enough for you; are you happy never really accomplishing anything; floating by on a little bit of genetic luck?
Apparently we are talking about different concepts of sloth.
I was working really shitty jobs, for almost a year. I got very little money out of it. For quite a while, I worked for a retail trader. A lot of that time, I spent with delivering washing machines, tv sets or refridgerators and stuff like that. The area, where I did that, has many houses like this:
Almost none of those houses have a lift, so almost every day, I had to carry waching machines and stuff like that up and down. Do you have an idea, what the weight of a Miele waching machine is? I can assure you, that this is really hard work and I was getting buff when I worked there. But it is a job, where you can really ruin your backbone, if you are not carefull.
Now, I work two different jobs, where I earn five times and ten times more money, then I did before. Altogether, I only work for about ten to twelve hours a week. I make enough money to pay my bills and the jobs require almost no physical work at all. So compared to my former jobs, I am pretty lazy and in a certain sense, you could say that I get a little smug satisfaction out of my current situation. I could work longer and make more money, but I am happy with what I have. I don't feel the urge to hord more money. I could ask almost the same question, do you get a smug satisfaction by treasuring money or goods? Does it make you happy to own shit, you don't really need? So compared to what I could do, I am pretty lazy. But I don't think of it as something, that I should be ashamed of. Sloth doesn't mean, that you do nothing. I am doing things that I like, because it makes me happy. But there are also things that I don't like, and I avoid them wherever I can, because doing them does not make me happy.

Extreme Allah wrote:I acted like I was, but realistically I was really sad and bitter, and pretty much hated everyone who was more successful than me, because I felt like I deserved it more. When in reality pretty much all of them were more productive than I was.
I think here we can see that we have different concepts, because you link sloth and (un)productivity. I think of sloth, success and productivity as completly different pair of shoes.
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Postby maverick88 » Wed Dec 10, 2008 10:37 am

For me, I would say that envy, greed, and lust are the top 3 for me.
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Postby Extreme Allah » Wed Dec 10, 2008 11:56 am

Yeah, I wouldn't call what you just described as even remotely slothful. You made a calculated decision to improve your life. Furthermore, God only knows how long your back would have held out. I'm sort of a financially greedy person, and I certainly avoid unnecessary lobour, but I see sloth as a happiness issue. When you won't make a difficult life change because it's hard and the work scares you, that to me is slothful.

I have a very specific goal to make X amount of money so I can retire rich in five years. The level of work I'm putting in to improve my life I'm 100% sure is unparalleled on this board. It's completely in selfinterest, and I'll be doing pretty much nothing after that. I won't consider that sloth, because it's exactly what I'll want, and if I decide I want something else, I'll do everything I can to get that, then. There's never a feeling of helplessness or hopelessness, because I know I can figure out how to get anything if I decide that's what I want, and there's no fear or mental weakness stopping me. It's simply that what I think I want is absolutely nothing, and I'm getting close.

If all you really want is to hump a job every day, and you honestly don't want complete independence to do anything, then it wouldn't be slothful to keep showing up at the mill everyday or whatever.
euphoriac wrote:I have been strikingly attracted to natalie since I saw Leon.
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Postby buttsie » Wed Dec 10, 2008 6:29 pm

Slothful/Lazy means different things to different people

Just depends what standards you set for yourself

I do wonder if those(perfectionists) that are obviously highly motivated(studying while working)are mistaking being a sloth for procrastinating?

no downtime = imminent implosion

procrastinating/leisure time is a good thing as long as you dont miss deadlines
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Postby Planet-Ex » Wed Dec 10, 2008 6:49 pm

Pride aka my high horse!

Seriously, I like that one. And I really don't see it as a sin.

Greed would be also a close one.... it's the best friend of envy....and who seriously isn't that about something.

Wrath... also, not bad. It's the cool one in the 7 sins.

PS: Wish there is an other animal than horse for pride.....I hate horses. It makes pride a girly sin.

PPS: Lazy....argh! Sorry, didn't really understand what Slothful meant....also not bad.

Wow, it's really a hard thing to tell which is my favourite one ;P!
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