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Postby GOBAMA09 » Mon May 25, 2009 7:31 pm

My friend Chad had the most clever dog ever growing up. It was a border collie whose name escapes me. Chad & I went to the same High School and got along at times, when sports didn't take up his time along with his studies.

His dog would join us on walks and when we'd come upon a tennis court, it would scour the area in search of an errant tennis ball. When she'd find one, she'd not only run up and offer it to you; she would toss it right up into your hand!

She'd plunk it on the ground and then using the bridge of her snout, volley it right into your palm.

It's amazing the things you can show a pet to do if you're patient and loving with it!

Does anyone else have stories about amazing dogs? Some do realllllly great things...
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Postby Carlito Brigante » Mon May 25, 2009 8:26 pm

our family had the same dog from toy story,a real prankster. everytime he saw me he would roll on the ground to play. so one day i went to my house and i was getting in the car to go to my college apartment. so he started to bark from the fence for me to go to play and and stepped out of the car to play with him one last time. he died a little while later. ive always felt glad i shared that last moment.
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Postby Carlito Brigante » Tue May 26, 2009 4:47 am

i mean the sauge dog from stoy story 2.
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I hear you.

Postby GOBAMA09 » Thu May 28, 2009 6:23 pm

My grandma Pat had a dachund named Penny that would lick the skin lotion off my mom's legs. She'd chase my mom around trying to get the salty cream any way she could. I could be pretty hilarious.

I fell in love with a runt mix breed pup once while my mom & dad were on vacation. When they came back, I'd already named him Toby and had been bottle-feeding him for about a week. [The other pups were much bigger and wouldn't let him nurse...]

He and I shared a lot of great memories, but moving to an area as expensive as Los Angeles for college meant I couldn't afford to rent a home where I could have brought him.

So instead I'd get to see him when I came back to the midwest to visit the rest of my family. He's passed now, but I remember destinctly saying goodbye to him at the end of every visit incase of the inevitable.

He lived 13 years, which for a sick little runt of a golden retreiver/chow mix is quite amazing. My parents took wonderful care of him & my mom made sure he got plenty of exercise [as I think Toby helped my mom do the same...]

Pups are a great reminder/excuse to get outside and stretch your legs.

R.I.P. My Toby & your weiner dog

P.S. "Thar's a snake in my boot!" "Someone's poisioned the water hole! [Watch V for Vegetarian & Dr. Strangelove]

P.S.S. To infinity & basic cable!!!
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Postby GOBAMA09 » Thu Jun 11, 2009 2:02 pm

Wow. This chat thread is going nowhere. It's my fault. I blame myself, (he says in his best Mike Myers doing Streisand.)

Ok, I got a 'nudder one.

My friend Matt Stevenson's dog Duke was as smart as they come. Not only could he fetch a bird and warm his mother Doris' heart, but he had a facile and logical side that could not be denied.

The best brief example of this that comes to mind is that, he was so familiar with kenneling as a punishment that he once waltzed up to the unmonitored kitchen table, ate a steak and a half before being noticed.

Once he heard his name sharply, he darted (half steak still in his jawls) to his cage. There he sought refuge and devoured the remainder of his spoil.

Doris, the organist at the local Presbyterian church, had not the constitution to punish Duke further than to close the cage door and leave him to his victory.

That dog could be a judge in another life. I'd bet a twenty.





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Postby JenR » Sat Sep 05, 2009 6:14 am

amazing embryo videos of puppies in their mother belly.

http://www.englishbulldogpuppyblog.com/ ... s-and-cats
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