UCLA girl's racist rant

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UCLA girl's racist rant

Postby Brian » Mon Mar 21, 2011 7:17 pm

So the UCLA girl (Alexandra Wallace) dropped out of UCLA after trying to apologize in the school paper but to no avail, as she was still receiving the death threats. (Huc posted the vid in the "Funny Ha Ha" thread if you don't know about it - see Huc, shoulda posted it in the WTF thread like you said, heh, and then I'd have kept this in there - I just didn't wanna annoy anyone clicking on the funny thread looking for comedy and getting my rambling)

That's sad that some people would get that worked up over a stupid video. I guess it shows how deep the wounds of racism still are that some people would react that strongly to a stupid girl's bad attempt at comedy. A lot of people don't seem to consider the intent at all.

I'm not trying to say anyone is wrong to be offended by it at all. (and she certainly passed over the situation in Japan without much said about it since it wasn't relevant to her rant, so she didn't do herself any favors there) But I think some people get carried away with the hatred and it becomes a forum for true racists of all types to emerge.

Cuz really, was she posting a video to try to rally some anti-Asian viewpoint and create a forum to spew her hatred? (as some offended commenters on articles are saying) No, it appears to me like it was a horrible attempt at comedy. She wanted to gain a following by posting some "funny" videos (making sure to show some cleavage to attract some guys' attention) and do a blog eventually.

It's amazing how much these mistakes cost people now in the internet age. Things get taken out of context and magnified. You expect public figures to feel the heat and have consequences for their mistakes (like Galiano, Michael Richards, etc.) but here a nobody college student ends up with a viral video that changes her life too.

Most people enjoy it when professional comedians do racial humor. Whether it's minorities mocking their own stereotypes or exaggerating their accents, or having anyone do the whitest sounding voice they can come up with for effect (like Dave Chappelle doing white people, that's hilarious) - sure there will be a number of people who will be offended by that too, but I think most people approve of it and get plenty of laughs from it.

So I think some dumb people such as the UCLA girl take this skill of the true comedians for granted and don't realize what a tricky minefield that racial humor can be - if it's gonna be done in a public forum, it should only be done by trained professionals! Cuz they know how to insert their impressions into their bits without offending the average person.

This girl had something she wanted to vent about (the talking in the library) that was a valid complaint, but then she turned it into a racist generalization of all Asians and included her impression with the "ching chong" stuff, which is the standard ignorant language go-to a la Rosie O'Donnell. (Alexandra must've missed that incident)

It's unfortunate - I mean, of course she deserves to catch some flak for her mistake, but to have to worry about her own personal safety because of it is so severe. Some are speculating it was a "genius" calculated move by her, to gain this notoriety and be able to capitalize on it, but I don't see how she would be able to cash in. And to do it with the price of this kind of infamy seems undesirable for any amount of attention and whatever money that could bring. It doesn't seem like a story that would have legs for her to benefit from it, but on the negative side, it'll be associated with her forever if someone does a google search when she's jobhunting etc.

Maybe people are sick of this topic from all the Galiano discussions before having some similarities (though I never saw the Galiano footage so I can't comment on that), but oh well.
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