Best wishes thread for Dazza

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Best wishes thread for Dazza

Postby Stefan » Wed Mar 27, 2013 7:17 pm

You may (or not) have read the latest news on the main page:

So I think we can make here a collection of greetings and best wishes for Dazza!

If I could, I would help him personaly - but south africa is a "bit" to far away from germany ...

Maybe we could help him a litte bit with some nice words!?
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Re: Best wishes thread for Dazza

Postby JenR » Wed Mar 27, 2013 9:53 pm

i hope everything turned around. i hate hearing about that.
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Re: Best wishes thread for Dazza

Postby LH458 » Thu Mar 28, 2013 9:13 am

that sucks :(

hope you're back to your normal life quickly....
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Re: Best wishes thread for Dazza

Postby Axwell » Fri Mar 29, 2013 6:35 pm

Sucks to hear :(
Good luck getting your stuff back/buying new things.
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Re: Best wishes thread for Dazza

Postby Extreme Allah » Sat Mar 30, 2013 9:02 am

Rough going. Sorry to hear about this, Diesel.

It's fuuny picturing Die Antwoord-looking scumbags running around with a brief box full of stolen Natalie Portman memorabilia though.

(Actually, I don't take D. for the sort to have even owned any NP shit, but I'll continue to picture it.
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Re: Best wishes thread for Dazza

Postby Dazza » Fri Apr 12, 2013 6:32 pm

The mag I got which made me a fan. A few movies. That's about it.

Insurance screwed me. Actually our broker screwed us. Over insured to the heavens on the main house (to the point where it's so over the top you can only laugh) and never mentioning that the cottage I stay in is considered an out building, which is capped at 2% of the full claim.

So, this has been a setback of note. Only thing propping me up is the knowledge that I've learned a shit load of important lessons.

Got an sms saying my case is now closed. The finger print guys never even showed up. Excellent.
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Re: Best wishes thread for Dazza

Postby quick_wit » Mon Apr 29, 2013 12:54 am

Whoa, I just read this today. Sorry to hear that, at least you aren't harmed. Good luck.
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