Hey it's not gonna stop is it?

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Hey it's not gonna stop is it?

Postby adam_dragon » Wed May 22, 2013 6:01 am

Life. That four letter word. Well, shoot. It's a four letter word all right. I can feel the spammers and trolls (I remember that word) crawling all over me. Ok. Have at it creeps. I've got work to do and you can descend upon me all you want but in the end you're going to wind up feeling kinda lonely when I drop this and run, not to be found for months or years or...dare I say it, DECADES. Or who knows? Maybe it'll be 20 seconds. Do your best.

I was drowning. Oh Lord knows it. But you know something, in all of that chaos, something came out of it. Some crazy complex characters, some up against the wall moments, and when a person look that hard for a way out, if they don't lose it altogether they are probably going to find something worth keeping. And yet, I'll just lay it down here, for like the 5th time, I was looking for God and I found Him. And I said I'd be back.

I'm getting married in a couple of weeks. Kind of seems like the plot would grind to a halt. But look, there was no plot. Imagine that a fish was caught in a round room with only a little tiny exit. Ok, he swam around and around and around and then finally he found the little notch in the wall that was there the whole time. A perfectly round room with one little door, wide open. He makes it out. Well I want to tell you if you are the fish and you make it out, the plot begins when you get to the other side. The rest was just what you knew it was, while you banged your head against the wall. A search.

But I want to tell you something Nat. I didn't do it all in vain. I want you to look for the rest of your life for God. I am telling you it's Jesus. Let the eggs and tomatoes fly.

I've seen the valley and I've seen the mountain top and as much as I'd love to testify, the time is getting late and the hounds are circling. God bless you and good luck out there. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers. Goodbye!
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