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Fantasy NFL Football

Postby Brian » Fri Aug 31, 2007 10:32 am

We have two spots left to fill in our 10 team free league on Yahoo. We're using basically the new Yahoo default setup including one starting flex position (RB/WR). We draft live this Sat Sep 1st in the afternoon US time - my time is 1PM mountain, but no one else is ever mountain, so you'll see your draft time on the league page. If you can't make the livedraft you can prerank players or let Yahoo pick for you (have fun getting two kickers drafted though).

Choose "Football 07" "Join a League" "Join Custom League"

League ID# 3575
Leauge name: NPMB Yo
Password: hershlag

Rock on. Go Rams (and Cardinals, but that always ends up hopeless).

EDIT: Ok, league's full now, thanks people.
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